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Being citizens of a nation, we have the obligation to remember and respect everyone who has dedicated his and her life for nation by being in Army. Nevertheless, more often than not, we tend to forget to do this; so, we have to obey that duty at least during Memorial Day of United States. As you may already know, this year’s US Memorial Day does come on 26 May 2016, Monday. Due to its nation-wide importance, business owners around the globe have found a superb use of Memorial Day to attract huge number of new customers by means of incredible discounts & other kind of deals.

For instance, if you check web for deals based on Memorial Day, we are sure that you will find hundreds or thousands of results in matter of seconds. As a matter of fact, we can see that none of companies has hesitated to commercialise United States Memorial Day by utilisation of discount offers. Now talking about web hosting, HostGator announced coupon deal for this memorial day which is another great opportunity to get good web hosting at cheap price.

HostGator Memorial Day Deal Worth Praising, Indeed


Just like all other cases, HostGator an unmatchable provider of a number of web-hosting services, including shared hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated servers and VPS hosting has also come up with an incredible option to let users grab superb discounts. We are much glad to share this happy news about HostGator Memorial Day deal with you. In this year, however, we should say the discount deal on web hosting is something great, indeed. As of now, Memorial Day deal of HostGator will help you get all their hosting services by paying 25% of payable amount. In simple words, it is possible for you to buy hosting by paying HALF of amount, which you should pay otherwise. For instance, if you are planning to purchase a HostGator dedicated server worth $500, during this Memorial Day offer, you can grab the server by paying only $250. We hope this will attract 99% of our readers even if they might already be having hosting accounts with them.

When You Can Avail This

Despite the fact that United States Memorial Day is on May 26 2016, HostGator Memorial Days will be available for a longer duration. You can start purchasing HostGator products with 55% off from 12 AM May 23 (Based on Central Standard Time) until 11:59PM May 26. This means, regardless duration of actual Memorial Day, you’ll be able to get this offer for around 3 days. We think the time-period is long enough to let almost every web professional grab top-notch hosting services from HostGator hosting. Moreover, what more interesting is the fact that 25% discount offer of HostGator Memorial Day coupon deal is applicable for every kind of web hosting service. In other words, you will be able to get a discount of 50% even if you purchase dedicated server or shared hosting. By the way, do you know variety of those hosting services offered by HostGator services? If you do not know, we will tell you about those now.

What You Can Buy Using This HostGator Memorial Day Deal Discount

Well, as we said before, HostGator offers a number of web hosting services, which suits different requirements from different professionals. Notable ones from HostGator are as follows.

  • Shared Hosting: In shared hosting, server resources are shared with other users. However, as far as your low or mediocre budget to start a blog is concerned, shared hosting is the optimum choice you can go for. It does offer a number of features such as simple UI, expert support, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, etc.
  • VPS: VPSs, common name of Virtual Private Servers, are for those who need more resources than those of shared hosting. In VPSs, however, you have extensive options to customize server, as it boasts high-end and effective configuration.
  • Dedicated Server: When you purchase a dedicated server from HostGator, you own your own server, and you will be able to customize the server according to your convenience and requirement. Of course, this kind of servers will cost much more than shared, but they’re effective when the utilitarian point of view.
  • Reseller: If you have enough marketing skills to sell a part of your server resources for other people, reseller hosting is the best deal for you.

So, you can use the above mentioned HostGator Memorial Day discount coupon to grab discount on all these kinds of web hosting services. In order to get more discounts, it is advised to purchase HostGator services for a long duration so that you can save 25% of amount you pay.