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I am webdesigner, hobby blogger and python programmer. Back in December I decided to create web applications that will solve real world problems and help out people to make their lives better. Though I am not a professional  blogger, I just wanted to avoid the mistakes that some random bloggers are doing. Through this blog, I’d share my thoughts, tips and tricks and various web hosting coupon code deals that will help you to gain knowledge about latest technology and save your money also.

Starting a hobby blog

As I said earlier, I entered into this field of blogging in last December and since that time I am learning new things related to web. So far I have experience to work with Html, CSS, JavaScript, Pyhton and little bit knowledge about Search Engine Optimization [SEO]. Everyday I look around the people who belong to same interest as mine and I interact with them to get latest knowledge about various technologies. I guess this world is so interesting place if you get involved with like minded people.

Sometimes I think that college is providing just theoretical knowledge about the things, but here I do all the things practically and write about the same on my blog. Hope you’d like to follow me on Google+,Twitter and Facebook.

How do I make money?

Now this question is obvious that “do I earn anything from blogging?” Well, answer is “YES“, I make enough money thorough blogging and internet marketing. If you search around internet, you’ll get millions of ways to earn money through internet. Currently I am earning from following sources:

  1. Website Designing
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

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