HostGator Black Friday Offer 2017 Discount Coupon Code [80% OFF]

HostGator Black Friday Offer

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HostGator is recognized as the largest web hosting company that powers more than 8 million domains worldwide and growing. Every year HostGator releases a Black Friday special flash sale which is equivalent to as high as 80% OFF in Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Reseller Hosting plans. The exclusive coupon code and promo discount is shown below for all new users planning to buy HostGator for their business needs.

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Event Promo Date Time Promo Code Link ID
Black Friday Early Access Up To 65% off
$5.99 Select Domains
11/23 All Day 2017BF 419729
Black Friday Early Access – Flash Sale 1 Up To 80% off
$2.99 Select Domains
11/23 12 amCentral 2017BF1 419730
Black Friday Early Access – Flash Sale 2 Up To 80% off
$2.99 Select Domains
11/23 10 amCentral 2017BF2 419731
Black Friday Early Access – Flash Sale 3 Up To 80% off
$2.99 Select Domains
11/23 5 pmCentral 2017BF3 419732
Black Friday Sale Up To 65% off
$5.99 Select Domains
11/24 All Day 2017BF 419733
Black Friday Sale – Flash Sale 1 Up To 80% off
$2.99 Select Domains
11/24 12 am Central 2017BF4 419734
Black Friday Sale – Flash Sale 2 Up To 80% off
$2.99 Select Domains
11/24 10 am Central 2017BF5 419735
Black Friday Sale – Flash Sale 3 Up To 80% off
$2.99 Select Domains
11/24 2 pm Central 2017BF6 419736
Black Friday Sale – Flash Sale 4 Up To 80% off
$2.99 Select Domains
11/24 5 pm Central 2017BF7 419737
Small Business Saturday Sale Up To 65% off
$5.99 Select Domains
11/25 All Day 2017SB 419738
Small Business Saturday Sale – Flash Sale 1 Up To 80% off
$2.99 Select Domains
11/25 12 amCentral 2017SB1 419739
Small Business SaturdaySale – Flash Sale 2 Up To 80% off
$2.99 Select Domains
11/25 10 amCentral 2017SB2 419740
Small Business SaturdaySale – Flash Sale 3 Up To 80% off
$2.99 Select Domains
11/25 5 pmCentral 2017SB3 419741
Small Business SaturdaySale – EXTENDED Up To 65% off
$5.99 Select Domains
11/26 All Day 2017SB 419742
Small Business SaturdaySale – EXTENDED – Flash Sale 1 Up To 80% off
$2.99 Select Domains
11/26 12 am Central 2017SB4 419743
Small Business SaturdaySale – EXTENDED – Flash Sale 2 Up To 80% off
$2.99 Select Domains
11/26 10 am Central 2017SB5 419744
Small Business SaturdaySale – EXTENDED – Flash Sale 3 Up To 80% off
$2.99 Select Domains
11/26 5 pm Central 2017SB6 419745
Cyber Monday Sale Up To 65% off
$5.99 Select Domains
11/27 All Day 2017CM 419746
Cyber Monday Sale – Flash Sale 1 Up To 80% off
$2.99 Select Domains
11/27 12 amCentral 2017CM1 419747
Cyber Monday Sale – Flash Sale 2 Up To 80% off
$2.99 Select Domains
11/27 10 amCentral 2017CM2 419748
Cyber Monday Sale – Flash Sale 3 Up To 80% off
$2.99 Select Domains
11/27 2 pmCentral 2017CM3 419749
Cyber Monday Sale – Flash Sale 4 Up To 80% off
$2.99 Select Domains
11/27 5 pmCentral 2017CM4 419750
Cyber Monday Sale – EXTENDED Up To 65% off
$5.99 Select Domains
11/28 All Day 2017CM 419751
Cyber Monday Sale – EXTENDED – Flash Sale 1 Up To 80% off
$2.99 Select Domains
11/28 12 am Central 2017CM5 419752
Cyber Monday Sale – EXTENDED – Flash Sale 2 Up To 80% off
$2.99 Select Domains
11/28 10 am Central 2017CM6 419753
Cyber Monday Sale – EXTENDED – Flash Sale 3 Up To 80% off
$2.99 Select Domains
11/28 2 pm Central 2017CM7 419754
Cyber Monday Sale – EXTENDED – Flash Sale 4 Up To 80% off
$2.99 Select Domains
11/28 5 pm Central 2017CM8 419755

This year we are expecting a high discount once again from them in Black Friday and Cyber Monday week starting November end 2015. One of the biggest plus points of joining them, is their reliability in service and complete management of servers that never lets you down. For all startup’s and experienced professionals in online field can rely on their hosting capacities based on various plans available.

Want to know more about Hostgator, it’s company and hosting support related information, then continue reading to know more about them.

HostGator Black Friday Offer

HostGator Black Friday Offer

HostGator Company Overview

This web hosting company based in Houston and Texas is recommended worldwide for any user who wants to grow his/her reputation of website through unique hosting features offered by Hostgator. Today more than 9 million customers are happy using their services spread worldwide with full feature support anytime when you need.



One of the topmost priority in developing relationship with any client is to provide support to them. This is where HostGator got it’s name and recognition right from the beginning. While you concentrate on developing the right contents for your website, HostGator takes care of the rest in seamlessly organizing and optimizing servers to your needs.

They have won many awards for their recognition of web hosting, domain transfer and customer support service. So there’s no question, why you should not consider them when buying hosting package for industry leading performances!

HostGator Customer Support – 24×7 – 365 Days Round the Clock

They primarily are the web hosting company that focus on customer issues and problems. Whenever setting up the website seems difficult, HostGator team will assist you in getting out of the hole! They are known for customer service and rightly said, they never disappoint!

You can solve queries through live chat any time, or else create a support tickets which will fetch you response within 1-2 hours of time. Their excellency in maintaining round the clock solutions has earned them the badge of best hosting company in the current industry. If you have any doubts regarding your cPanel, dashboard, Parallel Plesk, hosting issues, downtime, Billing details and network status, get in touch with them through contact at the following toll free numbers.

  • Toll Free Number Worldwide: 1.866.96.GATOR
  • Toll Free Local: 1.713.574.5287

If you face issues regarding WordPress site setup, you can go through their video tutorials and blogs for more detailed procedure on getting things solved.

Superior Web Hosting with 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

With few other hosting companies, there’s always an issue with your website downtime. This is not so with HostGator, as it ensures quality crafted hosting at the best possible uptime maintained 24×7 all throughout the year. Users opting for Shared hosting needs to keep their visitors limit under check, otherwise it might put load on the servers which will affect your uptime.

HostGator has the least number of hosting maintenance downtime, so keep yourself assured of best in the business while buying HostGator hosting for your business requirements. Their industry leading uptime is guaranteed by them and reviewed as the best for any hosting package you select for any tenure.

They have a collection of video tutorials to get newbies worked out on various aspects. The Forums and Support portal is considered good options to go when requiring immediate help regarding downtime / maintenance problems.

Types of Web Hosting Plans Supported in HostGator

There are various plans from beginner to advanced, from new established websites to high traffic professional ones, everyone has the options! So let’s see what suits you the best when choosing HostGator as your partner in hosting online business: HostGator Black Friday Offer

SHARED HOSTING: This is considered as the best plan to start off your journey in developing your website. Shared hosting means a group of people using the same server to run their websites. Therefore server overload sometimes becomes a key problem unless your website doesn’t generate high traffic over the period of time. There are three sub plans in Shared Hosting: Hatchling, Baby and Business.

Hatchling plan is suited for newcomer in the online web world. This is considered as the best option for monthly traffic less than 10,000 visitors. However you won’t be able to host multiple domains, no private SSL and Dedicated IP.

Baby Plan comes with all power packed features an entrepreneur needs to establish his identity on the web. You get to host unlimited number of domains and traffic to website upper limit is approximately 25,000 monthly visitors. For those looking to host multiple websites at beginner level can go with this plan. Private SSL and Dedicated IP is provided in this plan.

Business Plan is one of the sweetest plans considered for pro bloggers and internet marketers whose traffic variation extrends between 60,000 to 100,000 visitors a month. You will normally pay higher for the plan and get premium support from HostGator whenever you need it. If you are a serious marketer and an established name in your industry, I recommend you to start off with this plan.

MANAGED WORDPRESS HOSTING: This is the new product currently launched by HostGator for WordPress user guys to get everything managed by Hostgator while concentrating on their blog development. They have three plans in this as well – Blog, Business and Pro, each having different features customized to the needs of the customer.

The prices include free WordPress migration, blog consultation fee, Global CDN and much more! They have premium features based on your plan selection. You can expect to get your website doing faster as high as 2.5X speed compared to other hosting plans. Advanced security, seamless scalability and superior support will drive your website at a higher pace.

VPS HOSTING: Virtual Private Servers acts as a next generation hosting powered by compact and powerful servers that give you cutting edge technology with higher website reputation. With VPS, you can ensure yourself not to miss any client and built up your site rankings very fast! You have the power of customizing the plan, add powerful software to run your business and make your baby dedicated server work for you in making your site faster and active!

Plan pricing are moderately higher as compared to above mentioned plans, but an established website with higher traffic is always recommended under this.

DEDICATED SERVER HOSTING: They are more powerful, convenient, flexible and work according to your needs. A high traffic and established business website can run dedicated server to ensure they do not miss out on their customers. You will have complete control of what you do backed up by HostGator support team to address any issue you face.

The current plans of Dedicated servers starts at $105/ month according to your own website needs.

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