Blogging Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make

Blogging Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make

If you are a new blogger and just getting started, then there is a high chance that you might make some silly mistakes and not realize them. Yes!!! We know that you might not agree with us, but just have a look. Below are some common mistakes that most newbie bloggers make.

Setting an Unrealistic Publishing Schedule

Most of the bloggers are active in the beginning. It is obvious enough. You are fresh in the field, with all fresh and new ideas. But eventually, your speed will slow down and it will be a pain to blog.

This is a natural situation. But bloggers don’t set a time or a schedule for them to blog. There are some dummies that do not post for months, which results in costing an audience.

Hence, even though if you are out ideas or full of ideas, do not forget to blog. Keep a schedule and blog at that particular time. Do not publish a bunch of articles at a time. Keep them as a backup.

Blogging Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make

Avoiding use of headers/whitespace

Readers are attracted to only those articles that are presented well. So even if your article has good ideas, but looks like a whole scary wall of nothing but only text, then don’t even think about your article being read by a single reader.

Present your article systematically. Breaking up paragraphs by using heading may give peace to reader’s eyes. Make some ground rules. Do not let each sentence exceed 30 words. Do not let each paragraph extend 5 sentences.

Lack of Images

Segmenting your content with paragraphs is important. And so is using images!!! Even though your article is good enough content-wise, has a decent number of paragraphs, reasonable words, and is capable enough to be an ideal article, users may feel it boring to read after some time if they do not see any image. Well, the power of an image is too high. An image can convey that message in a fraction of second, which a thousand word article will not be able to do in a lifetime.

Using “Click Here” in Links

This is the obvious mistake bloggers make. We do not understand, why on the earth would someone write “Click Here” instead of the real keyword. Why?

Well if you do not agree on this, we have some reasons. Firstly, using “Click Here” is very out-fashioned and out-dated. Secondly, it creates confusion for the readers. They get confused between couple of “Click Here” and do not understand as to which “Click Here” represents which link. And lastly, using “Click Here” will create a feeling of insecurity between the readers and they will start doubting you. This is so obvious!!!

Not Answering Your Comments

This is the major mistake that all the bloggers commit. Even the experienced ones!!! You should answer all the comments on your blog. YES! ALL OF THEM! This will make all your readers feel special and will convey the message that all of them are important to you.

So my fellow bloggers, now that you know the types of mistakes, do avoid them when blogging next time.

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